Twee studenten uit Kassel vragen uw medewerking bij hun onderzoek

Dear Utrecht-Fietsers,

I am a master student from the university of Kassel, doing a small survey for a study project on the cycling infrastructure of Utrecht. Therefore I have created a very small survey on that topic whose main goal it is to rank the Utrecht-Fietsers perception on infrastructure that is already built out and to find out what could be improved. This survey takes about 3 minutes and is fully anonymous. Thank you very much for participating!

Help Us Improve Campus Safety!

I am a student from Universität Kassel, Germany and I am conducting a survey to compare the perception of safety while walking on campuses in Germany and the Netherlands. Your insights as students, faculty members, and staff are crucial in identifying areas for improvement and creating a safer campus environment for everyone.
Your participation is valuable and will only take a few minutes.
Click this link to take the survey and share your experiences.

Thank you for your contribution!